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From US Army Veteran Monique Dini and D4WRain

USMC Veteran Mike Mosier and D4WGeneral

USMC Vietnam Veteran Joe Pawli and D4WVader

US Army Mike Yurchison and D4WZeus

9/11 First Responder Jaime Hazan and D4WBernie

US Army Herman Diaz and D4WGeorge

Visiting the Ohio Veterans Memorial

USMC Jack McQuillan and Korchai

US Army Waldemar Ortiz and D4WEve

US Army Glenndon Oncay and D4WFiona

US Army Harvey Rodriguez and D4WBUddy

SeaBee Erik Jackson and D4WMattis

US Army Steven Covert and D4WGlock

USMC Dalton Clark and D4WCoco

USMC Mike Ditto and D4WJustice

US Army Jason Robinson and D4WAnnie

US Army Bradley Buskirk and D4WCruz

US Army Chris Peterman and D4WPatton

Seabee Jason Eckles and D4WBubba

US Army COl. (RET) Ed McGinnley and D4WAxel

US Army Sgt. Trevor Armstrong and D4WDougE Your support will provide our Veterans with a new outlook on life, and the opportunity to participate in their families daily activities.

USMC Sgt. Jason Milliken and D4WBeretta

US Army John Sovis and D4WSaddie

US Army Joseph Childress and D4WFreya

USMC Sgt. Owen McNamara and D4WGremlin

USMC Andrew Kalis and D4WStormy (Opening the door)

US Army Sgt. Lee Maddox and D4WMissy

USMC Andrew Kalis and D4WStormy

USMC Kyle Gray and D4WJax (I got your 6)

US Army Chris Petermann and D4WPatton (opening the door for Chris)

US Army Jack Archer and D4WLucy

Road Trip, Goodyear Blimp Base Pompano Beach, Fl

Road Trip (Crabby Mikes) Myrtle Beach SC

Veterans and their Service Dogs

USMC David Echterling and D4WRanger

USMC Sgt. Alberto Velasco and D4WJesse

USAF Bradley Burton and D4WFoxy

US Army Mark Barnett and D4WKevlar

USMC Ssgt. Domonic Tino and D4WKarma

US Army Wayne U-Games and D4WMajor

US Army Shawn Fitzpatrick and D4WAva

Sunset at Dogs 4 Warriors Compound

US Army Michael Maresh and D4WIce

USMC Casey Lancaster and D4WCaptain

US Army Eli Davis and D4WAmos

US Army William Jackson and D4WJager

US Army Chuck Nordstrom and D4WMoose

US Army James Harris and D4WCami

USMC Cory Howard and D4WJinx

US Army Andrew Murphy and D4WDuke

US Army Joshua Deckler and D4WAva

USMC Sgt. Justin Schuh and D4WSarge

USMC Kyle Gray and D4WJax

US Army Cory Thomas and D4WCody

US Army James Hayes and D4WBarrett

US Army Chad Hamilton and D4WAxel

USMC Jonathan Reitzel and D4WRousy

US Army Phillip DeMello and D4WAbbott

US Army Dakota Artman and D4WWarrior

US Army Sherman Chao and D4WAnna

US Navy Jason Eckles and D4WBubba

US Army Cory Thomas and D4WCody

US Army Gregg McKinley and D4WSeth

US Army Monique Dini and D4WRain

US Army Shane Jackson and D4WJersey

US Army Rebeca Healey and D4WRuger

US Army Rich Hunter and D4WBonner

US Army Rick Vanwhy and D4WRoxie

US Army Chris Furry and D4WTrigger

US Navy Jeffery Wahl and D4WHeidi

US Army Jack Archer and D4WSpartan

USMC Craig Carp and D4W Sabre

US Army Patrick Ballard and D4WCarlos

USMC Mike Wagner and D4WRosie

US Army Randy Montgomery and D4WScrappy

USMC Sgt. Joshua Jones and D4WSamson

US Army CSM Luis Garcia and D4WPetey

US Army Keith Richardson and D4WNinja

US Army Wade Abbott and D4W Saber

US Army Wayne Games and D4WDella

US Army John Marris and D4WKarli

US Army Josh Oakley and D4WCheyenne

USMC Timothy Church and D4WPanzer

US Army Jeremy Caldwell and D4WWoody

US Navy Jason Wheeler and D4WJustice

US Army Michael Koehler and D4WBella

US Army Eric Langley and D4WBarbie

US Army David Peachy and D4WJeannie

USMC and US Army Billy Rice and D4WRaven

US Army and USMC Jason Darling and D4WHanna

US Army Sgt. Bill Neal and D4WThor

US Army Sgt. Trevor Armstrong and D4WDougE